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  • Makpol is the only company from outside the United Kingdom that established cooperation with British Heart Foundation ( This is our next success and we would like to share the benefits from it with you.

    That is an unprecedented opportunity for wholesalers in Poland and other countries to establish cooperation with a direct contractor of BHF. That enables you to purchase the highest quality used clothing that was never processed by rag merchants in the United Kingdom. Currently BHF possesses 520 donation shops that makes them a leader among British used clothing suppliers. With such infrastructure you never have to worry about stock; all year long BHF shops produce constant amounts of shop returns. It is important for wholesalers and owners of chain of stores since you never have to worry about clothes during winter when collection of other categories of used clothing drops down drastically. You always have what you need, winter clothes in winter and summer clothes in summer.

    Our first meeting with BHF representatives took place in September 2007. That was a fine opportunity to meet each other and present our company’s profile and how we operate. At the next meeting (April 2008) we presented our financial statement and finally agreed the terms of cooperation.

    Currently we are awaiting the first party of clothes that is planned for June 2008.