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Price list

    Country of origin Delivery date
    Norway (charity street container) January 30
    England (charity street container) February 6
    Sweden (charity street container) January 28
    Denmark (charity street container) January 27

    You are kindly asked to call us before you plan to visit us.

    MAKPOL company offers unsorted used clothing imported exclusively from charity organizations in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Sweden and Norway. We know all the directors in person and we are acquainted with their process of collecting, packing and shipping to Poland. Thanks to this our contractors may be certain that the stock had not been sorted at any level and the highest quality clothing (cream) was not removed. But on the other hand you may find certain percent of waste in it.

    Below you can see our price list as of May 1st 2008 (when purchasing ½ of truck or more):

  • CategoryCountry of originPrice
    Door-to-door United Kingdom
    1.4 GBP
    Charity Street Containers United Kingdom
    1.25 GBP
    Charity Street Containers Sweden
    10.33 SEK
    Charity Street Containers Norway
    1.39 EUR
    Charity Street Containers Denmark
    1.13 EUR
    All prices are gross prices and include transport costs.
  • We do not cooperate with any rag merchants. Clothing we offer is unsorted and comes exclusively from charity organizations.

    Our policy
    We are aware that purchasing 9 or 18 tons of clothing is a serious matter. That’s why we do not expect from anyone to take this risk. We suggest a meeting at your head office and removing seals from a trailers’ door at your presence. You can check at random the quality of clothes in big bags and decide whether to purchase them or not. If you refuse to purchase we send the truck to our depot in Lodz and do not charge you with any costs.